Accelerate Your Revenue Growth Like Never Before

Our team has developed digital strategies and executional capabilities to help you scale your business by double digits.

Has your growth gone flat for WAY too long? Like months or even years? We talk with business owners all the time who have not been able to get to the next level because of their websites, marketing, human capital, or technical frustrations.

Hi. I'm Nicholas

I’m Nicholas Cardamone, the Founder and Analytics Director here at Cardamone Consulting. I started this company in 2017 because I believed there could be an easier and less stress-inducing way to scale your business and digital presence on the web. Our team has developed fast systems and easy resources to help you double your revenue and start increasing your net profits.


Your website is the most crucial marketing tool for your brand and business — so you can’t afford to not prioritize it. We believe in optimizing NOW and redefining your marketing to keep adding clients.


We’re here to help you scale to the next level. Check out our service offerings and then give us a call or drop us a note so we can see if we can be of service. I look forward to hearing from you.

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